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You design, we deliver.

How it works

About Us

A seed was sown for a Hot Start up whose aspiration for technology and a strong belief in the power of imagination led to the sprouting of Kanika 3D Design Lab. The company offers on demand product designing and prototyping services. The prototype is made in the high grade plastics like ABS which have great strength in order to manufacture prototype. We also offer services in other materials like HIPS, PET-G etc.


Kanika 3D Design Lab visualizes in Think 3D Build 3D. With this power of technology any part with any complexity can be made very easily with high accuracy. With the use of this technology people can Implement and Invent there Imagined product.


Our mission is to assure that people uses 3D Printing Technology to the utmost in their day to day life.



CAD Designing

Small Batch Manufacturing

How it works

  1. Create your design or ask us to.
  2. Send your design in .stl file format and request for a quote.
  3. Post analyzing, we will send you the quote.
  4. You can contact us for details of payment.
  5. Your design gets printed in 3d.
  6. Your 3d object is delivered to your door step.


Get in touch

Phone: +91-9753417076 Email: k3dlabindia@gmail.com